Houston, Texas

I requested for Houston because I got bored of bidding for the same US flights I’ve been requesting for almost a year. My original plan was to go shopping in the outlet store but I saw on Facebook that a friend went skydiving. Unlike some people na they have it in their bucket list, never in my wildest dream did I even think of jumping off a plane. But Rachel started teasing me. Sabi nya I’m too duwag to do it. Haha. It got me thinking. Sabi ko, fine I’ll do it.

Another struggle was looking for someone who’d come and jump with me. There were 4 other Filipinas in the flight but they all had other plans. I didn’t want to “force” them to join me. I want them to come willingly because in case anything happens, I don’t eant to be blamed. It had to be their own choice. And they chose not to come. Hahaha. So I went alone. God, I was so nervous but I managed to get some sleep the night before, maybe because the flight coming in was long, almost 15 hours. Haha.

So yeah, I got up around 7AM then started prepping for my big jump. I hopped into my Uber around 8AM and it was an hour-ride to Spaceland. My hands were all sweaty, my stomach was full of butterflies, I was beyond nervous but I was really really excited.

When I got there, there were very few people in the hangar. A lady staff approached me and asked if I’m jumping. She escorted to the office to fill in some paperwork then so I can get started with the safety orientation and all. The waiver was thick. I think more than 5 pages and I really did read it. Basically it says that if I die, I die alone. Haha. After that, I went to a room for the safety briefing which talked about everything I needed to know and needed to do before the jump, while I’m in the air and preparing for landing. I barely understood anything but it was all good because it was clarified to me by my instructor who will be jumping with me.

All set and ready to jump! I was the first one to board the plane because I will be the last to jump. I was the only one jumping with a tandem. The rest of them in the plane were jumping solo. They were so brave. Hahaha. The plane ride until we jump was a total of 15 minutes and it was the longest 15 minutes in my entire life, not really tho. Haha. The view from the top was amazing.

And then when we reached 14, 000 feet, it was time to juuuuuuump!!!


By 6, 000 feet, I pulled the parachute. How to do it, when to do it, was all covered in the safety briefing.

After the parachute has been released, I was then taught to navigate it in preparation for landing. The view was view-tiful. They said it’s even better in Dubai but yeah, I’m good with what’s on my plate. And then it was landing time.

I was literally jumping when my feet touched the ground. And I was saying, “Yes! I’m alive. I made it!” HAHAHA.

It was really an amazing experience. As I told the crew when they asked me about the jump, I said “You can always Google what NASA looks like, but you can never Google what it feels like jumping off a plane.”

I will really do it again and who knows, maybe I’d go solo next time.

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